I'm Craig Merry, a Application Administrator and Entrepreneur from Sacramento, California. I love spending time with my wife and son. In my free time, I like to ride a road bicycle, play soccer, watch soccer and serve pasta and pizza.

I love making people happy with almost any challenge that is on the table. With my experience and expertise I've shown in different positions over the last 10+ years, you can be sure that my dedication to solving problems delights all that have encountered my work. Have an interesting problem that needs to be looked at? Please reach me via e-mail at craig@craigmerry.com.


Microsoft Teams collaboration development and administration

Microsoft 365 administration

SharePoint administration

Business Intelligence

Supervisor experience

Policy and Procedure Writer

Flow charts for procedures and software

Full-Stack Web Development in JavaScript

Narrow Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Computer Vision in Python/OpenCV

Jira and Confluence with Apple ConnectMe/Intranet Collaboration development

Microsoft Access, SQL, Office, SharePoint

Software development lifecycles

Troubleshoot with OS and programs



Embedded flavors of Linux (Ubilinux, etc.)



PC hardware builder and repairer

Micro-computer projects with Raspberry Pi/Arduino/Intel Edison etc.



Site mock-ups

Design user interfaces and experiences

End user support and training


Beacon Safety Co.

Established June 2015, we aim to reduce traffic incidents through novel approaches in technology.

Toyota Cafe
Toyota Cafe

Top 10 entry for Toyota's annual OnRamp competition.

Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Introduction for Machine Learning enthuasists. Deck was created after some time spent in computer vision.


Explainer video for the next product from Beacon Safety Co.

Talk: The Reality and Potential of A.I.

Talk on A.I. given in June 2017

The Reality and Potential of A.I.

A prepared deck for a talk on the arrival of A.I., the challenges and the promise of the future.

Web Projects

Quote Generator

A freeCodeCamp project site

Weather For Your Location

A freeCodeCamp project site

dTk Consulting

A WordPress business site



Bachelors in Political Science, 2007, University of California Davis

Work experience

Application Administrator, November 2019 - Current
Cloud Implementation Specialist, March 2018 - November 2019

As the Cloud Implementation Specialist, I am responsible for the successful roll-out associated with cloud technology related to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 including:

· SharePoint Administration and Development

· OneDrive Administration

· Migrating from Skype to Teams and incorporating Teams into workflows

· Migrating from MS Videos to MS Streams

· eDiscovery tools within Microsoft Security and Compliance Manager

· Employ a variety of tools like ShareGate and PowerShell scripting to help carry out SharePoint, Office 365, and Teams tasks

Additionally, as the Cloud Implementation Specialist, I act as the liaison between all teams to ensure that the required training is scheduled and administered to CEA staff. I also lead initial and recurring training associated with cloud technology.

In addition to leading projects and responding to help desk tickets, I also handle business analysis for new Microsoft 365 assets to be created at CEA.

Processed scheduling changes and swap boards for a staff of 24

Ran and distributed a variety of reports for Sales, Marketing, Call Center statistics and workforce management

Liaised with BI and analytics teams to take existing team data/reports/dashboards into new SharePoint 2013 environment

Developed data models, advanced PivotTables, dashboards, and reports from SQL cubes in Excel and Power BI

Lead Apple Watch Level 2 Screening and High-Value Receiving and Shipping

Maintained log for high-value product for receiving and shipping

Shipped high-value product to warehouses worldwide

Led crew of 11 to operate and maintain 56 functional specific machines in a controlled environment

Served as trainer and on-site Engineer in a new line with a machine approach to testing product

Liaison between Engineers and Managers to ensure accurate communication of the status of machines and technical issues

Lead Return to Sender Domestic Shipping

Proposed and built Jive-based collaboration system for AppleCare warehouses to reduce printing needs and communicate processes quicker and more accurately

Built custom HTML/inline CSS overview pages to create an adaptable user interface for use by multiple product lines/teams

Wrote and adopted a governance system for Supervisors, Leads, Trainers and Technicians

Developed product identification tool that allowed for accurate and efficient receiving and processing by internal and external technicians

Participated in a forum made up of developer and administrators to solve technical and design problems through collaboration

Oversaw End-User and direct to store shipping processes with a volume of 800-1500 units a day

Maintained consistency within staff comprised of 16 technicians and 1 trainer

Coordinated training and auditing activities with unit trainer

Ensured written procedures matched production activities

Troubleshot logistical, procedural and technical problems preventing volume from being shipped out

Communicated with other team leads and trainers on any potential bottlenecks or issues surrounding production

Identified sources of system troubles related to shipping and processing with knowledge of SAP, Pegatron, Espresso, GSX systems

Took over SharePoint developer role for several projects

Created web-site mock-ups for clients

Met with clients to gather requirements

Deliver projects based on sound project management principles

Worked on internal sites

Responded to Tier 2 support requests of 300+ trained Top-Level Site Administrators who support 800+ trained site administrators

Helped migrate affiliate intranet sites to SharePoint portals

Made recommendations on organization of portals, work processes, and technology usage

Identified and presented ways to improve business processes through technology o Implement the most effective HR technologies by consulting, training, documenting, and other means to encouraging best practices

Server Migration and SharePoint Implementation

Documented existing processes and proposed new processes and maintenance plans

Implemented SharePoint to eliminate data loss, use existing license and extensive Business Intelligence features

Developed a call log system that compiled statistics on a number of data points easily and effectively, and was adopted for use between secretaries and other team members

Built the incoming mail system and included future expansion of outgoing mail

Created SharePoint training series for managers and staff

Developed dashboards and scorecards for SharePoint team sites

Confirmed integrity of Microsoft Access Databases and runtimes using VBA during server migration

Software Integration, Branch policy and procedures

Identified and analyzed confusion about company policies among branch members and initiated a new system to implement policies and procedures in a more streamlined, clear manner because the previous system was ineffective and cyclical

Promoted to team lead after recognition of research and implementation skills

Developer and Trainer, Semi-Automated Invoice Tracking Systems

Increased operational efficiency by implementing a semi-automated voice processing system. The old system took 1,000 man-hours per week with 32 analysts, but the system I launched reduced it to 6 man-hours per week

Wrote and tested a new system in Microsoft Excel using Visual Basic for Applications to have a successful implementation, which required me to teach myself user interface design and principles and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications in Excel

Invoice adjudicator and processor

Manipulate, modify and replicate databases using VBA for Access for the upcoming fiscal years and deploy to users.

Develop and run reports in Microsoft Access for management and distribution

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You can write to me via e-mail: craig@craigmerry.com